Saving Money on your car Insurance, the Do’s and Don’ts

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Today’s economy warrants that we all have to save every penny we can in every aspect of our life. One of the things that we spend a large part of our monthly budget on every month is our car insurance. Lucky for us, it is also one of the areas that we can all save money in. There are many different discounts that you can take advantage of, and you should take advantage of all of the discounts that apply to you.

One way that you can save some money on your insurance premiums is by trying to pay off the full terms of your policy. Most companies will offer you the option to make monthly payments, but there is an extra charge for this option. So, anytime you can afford to pay it off up front, it will save you money.

Whether you realize it or not, your vehicle type has a giant impact on your car insurance rate. The high end sports cars of course are allot of fun, but will be substantially higher to insure. Stick with something more modest and that has the safety features that the insurance companies like. Anti theft devices, car alarms, low jacks, side air bags, anti lock brake systems and back up sensors are all things that will earn you discounts on your car insurance.
Keeping your driving record clean by avoiding moving violations will definitely save you money on your car insurance, drive safely and responsible. Aggressive drivers tend to have the higher car insurance rates. One minor at fault accident can cost you a fortune in car insurance premiums.

If you have teen-agers that you are going to be adding to your car insurance, make sure that they take an approved drivers education course. Their grades are also an important factor when it comes to car insurance rates; good grades show that they are responsible.

If you have the chance to insure multi vehicles on a policy, do so, this will lower your rates. Also, having multiple policies with the same company will save you money on your car insurance and on your other policies. If you have a boat, motor home, motorcycle, home, rental property or life insurance policy have them all with the same company as your car insurance to insure that you are getting the best deal on all of your insurance needs.

Loyal customers do frequently get rewarded by their insurance company. The longer you are with a company they better your rate usually is, barring no tickets or accidents of course. Also, your credit bureau reports can play a big role in what you pay for car insurance. The better your credit scores, the cheaper your car insurance rates are.
Shop your insurance company around, get quotes from different companies and compare what they have to offer you. Use the internet as a tool for research; you will be surprised at what you can find. You can often receive lower rates by signing up online.

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